Bayshore Center at Bivalve
Principle of Accountability

The Bayshore Center at Bivalve (BCB) is a working waterfront museum dedicated to environmental education and the history of the Delaware Bay Region. Since its founding in 1988, we have worked continuously to be a leader in New Jersey in the preservation of artifacts, archives, and history related to the oyster industry and New Jersey’s maritime history. We’ve also worked continuously to reflect and educate on the human impact on New Jersey waterways. All we do with the goal of finding ways to improve the scope and quality of programs we present.

Accountability is at the core of our identity as an organization. We hold ourselves accountable to the community we serve: the students, museum visitors, sail passengers and program patrons and to the individuals, businesses and organizations who support us. We strive to be as open and transparent as possible when it comes to the work we do as well as the money we spend. We work to ensure that all members of staff behave responsibly and respectfully, adhering to our behavioral principles.

Accountability & Self-examination

As an accountable organization, we believe we must be willing to review, analyze, and critique our operations constantly, at all levels. Through self assessment as well as participation in the American Association for State and Local History’s Standards and Excellence Program (STEPS), the Delaware Bay Museum is meeting and exceeding the industry standards and making its work relevant to NJ residents.

After each major activity and end of each program year, BCB closely examines the impact and viability of our efforts and programs. We evaluate what we got right, what we got wrong, and how we can improve our operations and programs.

Our commitment to our mission and vision is at the forefront of all BCB does. Being accountable means that we must constantly measure how well we work to meet our goals.

Accountability & Our Structure
The foundation of accountability in the BCB workplace is defining clear roles, responsibilities, leadership structure, and clarity of ownership of projects and goals. To succeed in this fundamental step, clear communication and transparency in decisions are vital from board to executive leadership to staff.

The BCB board, all with a dedication to the organization’s mission, has the fundamental, legal responsibility to provide oversight and accountability for the organization. Referred to as the board’s “fiduciary” responsibility, the board must ensure that BCB is appropriately stewarding the resources entrusted to it and following all legal and ethical standards.

The result is an organization driven by people who intimately understand how our mission and principles come into play on the ground.

Accountability & Our Communities

Our goal is always to improve the quality and depth of engagement and communication between BCB, our communities and stakeholders. The legitimacy and ultimately the success of our organization relies on having the support of, and a connection with, our community so that the community is willing to invest in us through patronizing our programs, using our services, contributing their skills, volunteering, and/or becoming donors. BCB is a respected community partner with a variety of organizations. BCB makes every effort to utilize donor’s contributions to maximize the benefit to our constituents and is proud to provide low cost/free educational programming to needy school districts. BCB takes pride in being an advocate for the environment and clean NJ waterways. Good will is an asset and engagement and accountability provide good will.

Accountability & Finances

BCB’s commitment to openness and transparency extends to our financial operations. It’s individuals donors like you who make it possible for BCB to continue to educate and promote BCB donors fuel the delivery of our mission and vision. Because donors are such a vital part of our mission, we readily make our financial information available.

Every penny spent at BCB is subject to a rigorous accounting system, with all the information logged and shared with donors at their request. We’re proud of the way we put your dollars to use. For over 15 years, more than 75 percent of our expenditures have gone to our programs and boat operations. BCB’s fiscal operations are based on honesty, prudence, and transparency.