Frequently Asked Questions – Sailing on the AJ Meerwald

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In most cases yes. If it is simply rain the boat will sail. We suggest you bring rain gear as there is no shelter from the elements on board. The ship will sail in rain, drizzle and cold. However, if it is thundering and lightening or if there are high winds the ship will not sail.

The decision to sail or not is in the sole and absolute discretion of the Captain.

If a sail is canceled, you will be called. Please ensure the phone number you provided at the time you purchased your tickets is accurate. As much notice as possible will be given of a sail cancellation however weather conditions can change drastically in just a few minutes which is the nature of the maritime industry. In most cases the Captain will make the decision to cancel a sail an hour before the sail is schedule to depart. Again, in most cases the boat sails rain or shine.

If a sail is canceled by the Captain, you will be provided with an opportunity to reschedule your sail during the current sailing season. If this is not possible then your ticket will be refunded.

All efforts will be made to schedule you on another sail at your convenience during the current sailing season however tickets are not refundable unless the sail is canceled by the Captain. 24 hours advanced notice is required to reschedule.

It is always cooler on the water than the land so we suggest you dress in layers. Feel free to bring sun screen, bug repellent and beverages. The boat is “carry on carry off” meaning whatever you bring aboard the ship should be brought off with you. Are there bathrooms on board?

While there is a small crew bathroom (“head”) on board the ship it is not easily accessible. It is only accessible by descending a ladder. It is highly recommended that you use the facilities prior to coming aboard the ship.

Yes and No. The ship is over 90 years old and boarding the boat requires ascending 2-4 steps, but once on board handicapped passengers may be seated on a deck box. Restrooms are not handicap accessible. Crew can make accommodations to lift wheelchairs on board. Please contact the office at least 48 hours ahead of the desired sail to discuss possible arrangements – 856 785-2060.

The best and most convenient way to purchase tickets is to go to our ticket page. You can also call us at 856 785-2060. Tickets can also be purchase on board the ship but please be advised that sails may be sold out so advanced ticketing is recommended.

The Meerwald is a stable ship and most people are reasonably comfortable on board. However, persons who are unsteady on their feet might not feel comfortable sailing on the boat.

No. The Meerwald is a restored 1928 Oyster Schooner. While there are places to sit on board and the accommodations are comfortable,  there are no formal seating. Most passengers are seated on cabin tops and deck boxes, but on sails that are fully booked some passengers may stand or be seated on the deck. During the sail you may be asked to move from one side of the ship to the other as the sails are adjusted.

You may bring beer and wine on board the ship, no hard alcohol. You must drink responsibly. Again, the ship is “carry on and carry off” so you will be expected to take your empty bottles and cans with you. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on special children’s sails.

You should be prepared to board the ship 30 minutes prior to the schedule departure time. The ship departs on time as scheduled. Parking varies from port to port, please plan accordingly.

All persons sailing on the boat need a ticket, including infants/children being carried on board.

If you have specific questions regarding your sail you should call our offices at 856-785-2060 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm).

If you have any other questions about sailing on the AJ Meerwald, please email us at or call us at (856)785-2060.